The St. Mary’s Springs Academy Student Services and Counseling Departments work with teachers, administration, and parents to ensure that all SMSA students have access to personal and academic support throughout their schooling.


With a focus on forming the whole child, it is our goal that we support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our students, in addition to providing an environment where their academic achievement is supported through both intervention and enrichment. This is done with the support of several high trained professionals on our staff, that serve as the leaders in our Counseling, Student Services, and School Health Departments.

Student Support


SMSA has three counselors on staff who support all students. Our team is focused on the emotional and behavioral health of our students in addition to providing guidance on college and career readiness.

School Nurse

SMSA has partnered with SSM Health (Sisters of St. Mary) to provide an on-site nurse to manage the health and wellness needs of our students managing flu clinics, attending to health needs, managing health accomodation plans, and more.

Student Services

The foundation of the Student Services program at SMSA is based on the belief that each child is unique in their skill set, ability, and learning style. And is focused on the individual's potential for growth.